1. Thought Forms - For The Moving Stars

    Listen to the new Thought Forms radio single “For The Moving Stars”

    Out on a split LP with Esben And The Witch on Invada Records, 7th April 2014.




  2. Thought Forms live performance at the Greek, Berkeley, USA,
    supporting Portishead!

    1 Burn Me Clean - 1:18
    2 Ghost Mountain, You and Me - 14:29
    3 We would be so happy if… - 20:19
    4 Song for Junko - 30:45



  3. New Thought Forms song “Sound Of Violence”

    The first Thought Forms track to be released from our forthcoming split LP with Esben And The Witch, out on Invada Records 7th April.

  4. us playing “We Would Be So Happy If…” at Sonic City festival in Belgium, 1st December 2013.

  5. Thought Forms - Landing

    Charlie made a video for ‘Landing’, the opening track from our 2013 album ‘Ghost Mountain’

  7. Lyrics to Only Hollow

  8. The lovely Empty Pools recommended us and our friend SJ Esau in the latest This Is Fake DIY…


  9. Thought Forms Duo - Sorry I Forgot

    CD-R reissue of the cassette that was released on LF Records

    Track 1 - Blind Bird Buddy

    Track 2 - Moon Piece For Princess


    "Thought Forms playing a delicious form of acoustic trance music on  Sorry I Forgot. It takes a special kind of restraint to keep performing at this glacial pace, only allowing minimal and plangent notes to ring out as needed across a delicately-spun pattern of gossamer music. The languorous violin (?) tones are especially pleasing; one might almost say other-worldly. The musicians describe their work as “plowing a rural idyll through a landscape of feedback, strings and ghost axe”, evoking a pastoral scene whose serene vista is only slightly tinged by the spectral appearance of a supernatural presence. Very good; look out for their LP on Invada Records, which was forthcoming when this was released.”

  10. This is next week.

    London / Leeds / Liverpool / Sheffield / Leicester / Brighton / Bristol

    (Source: thought-forms-band)

  11. Thought Forms - Something About Bees Cos They’re Important

    Another ‘re-press’

    Jewel case spray painted black and gold, CD-R.


  12. We’re going on tour with two bands we love.

    Triple fun. England, October 2013.

  13. The t-shirts designed by Chris Rocket are now back in stock, via White Duck Screenprinters in Bath!

    Silver ink on black shirt.



  14. DrunkenWerewolf Magazine ’s Guide To Noise ! 

    Featuring us / Hysterical Injury / Annette Berlin / Rozi Plain / Jemima Surrender / etc…



  15. Sonic City

    Today we were one of 10 bands announced to be playing at Sonic City festival in Belgium this December along with Beak> (who are curating), Savages, Dirty Beaches, Om, Adult, Haxan Cloak, ZZZ’s, Forest Swords and Vex Ruffin.

    Thanks Beak>!